One of the best ways to engage with a journalist is to have been one.

With the media landscape constantly changing it’s important to understand the news drivers behind the big players. Campfire is constantly in touch with leading New Zealand journalists and knows the best way to get your story coverage both editorially or through media partnerships.

Content Creation

As captivating storytellers we can craft content across multiple platforms getting your story the traction it deserves. Campfire is quick to identify what makes a story newsworthy, repurposing content for media releases, blogs, case studies, websites and social media posts.

We’ll develop a story board to keep you consistently top of mind and ensure the word gets out to the right people.

Strategic Communications​

Success depends on an ability to make your plan a reality. You also need a plan that’s meaningful, aspirational and makes common sense.

A communications strategy shaped by your organisation’s vision and goals will help you get the best out of your business and connect you with the people who matter.

Campfire will help you grow your business by taking a holistic strategic approach keeping sustainable growth front of mind.

It includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Positioning & Objectives
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Communication risk assessment and mitigation
  • Media project management/Ideation
  • Key Performance Measures

Stakeholder Management

People will only respond if they are engaged and it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your stakeholders. As well as providing great opportunities, stakeholders can also be a potential risk so it’s important to know their business and to understand how they might respond to developments your end. We will work with you to refine your audience and figure out what to say to them and when.


With news going viral almost instantly businesses need to be ready to respond to any PR crisis quickly and efficiently across multiple communication platforms. Campfire knows how to take the heat out of a potential wildfire. Knowing what to do, how to respond and how to behave can avert reputational damage and even leave you with greater integrity.


At home in the fast-paced environment of event management, Campfire develops communication strategy and on the ground execution to support projects of all sizes working within your teams and on a daily basis with media and stakeholders to ensure your event exceeds expectations.

Campfire Sessions

Just as the best stories are shared around the campfire, these reflective sessions remove you from every day distractions to work on your businesses not in it.

This outcome focused workshop will help you take stock and ensure you get the best from your business strategy.

We’ll review how your vision and goals are aligned and in keeping with your brand values and marketing objectives.

We also tailor Campfire sessions specific to your needs.